Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad (Why I Can't Go Home)

No one said it was a good idea for me to come to Mexico. In fact, almost everyone told me if I wanted to speak Spanish I should go to Spain. At the time we all thought the problem in Mexico would be drug violence (others just think it is a backwards, cultureless country). But I came anyway. Not because I am a sadist, but because I wanted to see how people live here, in a Third World country or whatever it is. So that I knew what I was talking about when I talked about my major. When I talked about life. Now the problem is the swine flu. And it's hard for me to run home just because my parents can afford to and leave this place behind. However stupid that might seem. I mean I have a unique opportunity to see how this country functions in a time of crisis. For the good and the bad. How people really live here, not just how my drink is served at a beachside resort. So even though it is hard, and I am scared, I am going to stay here for as long as is reasonable. I send my love.



Response from my brother:

You wanna prove that you're tough enough, and that the fact that you have money doesn't mean that you're a rich little American girl who doesn't face any real dangers. I know you want to try to get the experience, but to say "no, i want to stay down here to know what it's like to be poor like the rest of you," when many of those who would want to leave if they could can't, is an insult. You're trying to prove that the money you were born with doesn't define you, but you're kinda proving that it does by staying. Because what would happen if you did get sick? We'd fly you back to the states and get you the best treatment money can buy and you'd be spending more money than we would have spent beforehand.

I almost think you should come home just for Dad's sake, he's freaking out.

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